Change of GP


We do occasionally get requests from patients wishing to move to another doctor. Past experience had shown us that when patients request a change of doctor it is often due to communication problems.  Therefore we offer a meeting with yourself and the doctor involved and/or a manager in order to discuss what has happened and where problems may have occured. When patients have attended these meetings in the past this has often resulted in a strengthening of the doctor/patient relationship.

change of GP

If you feel you do not wish to do this you can still cange your doctor. We do, however, have a rule that patients are only allowed one change of doctor, and allocation is done on a rotational basis so we cannot guarantee who your new doctor will be. We also think it is more beneficial for the care of the whole family if you all change to the new doctor together.

If you have a particular difficulty with your doctor and wish to complain about this, or indeed any aspect of our service, please telephone or write to the Practice Manager and the matter will be investigated.