Private Minor Surgery


Thornhills have been recognised leaders in minor surgery and skin surgery for over 40 years. Some surgical procedures are no longer funded or not available on the NHS. 

The Thornhills team has provided a wide range of skin and minor surgery for many years to thousands of patients across West Kent. The practice is a major referral centre for skin tumours (including the face), carpal tunnel decompressions and various lumps and swellings. The GP surgeons at Thornhills have many years of experience and training to offer a wide range of procedures that can be undertaken under local anaesthetic or local anaesthetic block (this does not involve a general anaesthetic). We have a fully equipped large operating theatre and recovery area. There is plenty of space for friends or family to wait with you.

private minor surgery

We can initially offer you information via the telephone to see if your problem or concern is one we may be able to help with. We are likely to also be able to advise on whether you should be able to have your problem dealt with on the NHS. If you wish to be seen for an initial consultation then this can be arranged with a doctor of your choice at the Practice and any appropriate surgery planned.

Our fees for private minor surgery are extremely competitive. Our fee structure for surgery is simple and can be confirmed when we see you. The charge for an initial consultation is £50.

You are welcome to call if you have any questions.